The Americas

The Americas


With stunning glaciers and spectacular ice fields, Alaska cruises provide you with the opportunity the see hump back whales, bald eagles, bears fishing for food whilst you cruise along viewing the amazing scenery…

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A Bermuda cruise will definitely help you relax and unwind. The “Jewel of the Atlantic” has been voted Best Island in the Caribbean 17 times. Shipwrecks, African drumbeats and of course those famous shorts…

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Canada and New England

Our Canada and New England cruises offer you the chance to visit New England in the fall. This is one of the most picturesque and historically significant region of the USA. The rich foliage creates a stunning natural beauty…

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With such a vast array of islands and cultures to explore, you can sample some of the best food and drink around. Imagine waking up to white picturesque beaches and warm crystal waters. It is split into the Eastern, Western and Southern, find out more about these areas…

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Galapagos Islands

Giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, swimming iguanas along with wildlife, flora and fauna that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. The Islands played host to Charles Darwen on his voyage whilst working on his theory of evolution…

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Hawaii offers a combination of sun, sea and sand set in a tropical paradise which is hard to beat anywhere in the world. Cruises offer a laid back atmosphere being situated in isolation from the outside world. Experience the warmth of the “Aloha Spirit”…

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Mexican Riviera

Come winter or spring who can resist the sunny spirit of Mexican Riviera cruises. Discover charming colonial missions, delicious tastes of salsa and let’s not forget the tequila; water sports and Mariachi music awaits you on Mexican Riviera Cruises…

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Panama Canal

This 48 mile long canal stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Nothing beats doing the full traverse between the two oceans, with opportunities to visit Costa Rica, Panama City, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Cartagena to name a few…

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South America

From the world’s mightiest river to the driest deserts South America is a land of stunning extremes. South American cruises offer a variety of tastes with vibrant capital cities, coast lines, lush rain forests and the longest mountain range…

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