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Iberia cruises will offer a vast amount of variety to you. Discover sun-kissed Spain and Portugal with the opportunity to visit Belgium and the Netherlands

Cruise Options


Short breaks, along with the more popular 7 or 14 night durations being amongst the options open to you. Sail across the famous Bay of Biscay and sample the charms of the Iberian Coast.  Take a short break to Northern Europe with the chance to visit Belgium and the Netherlands.


Iberia Cruises are ideal for first timer cruisers or seasoned cruisers alike.  For first timers it’s an opportunity for you to experience a cruise ship without venturing too far from home. There are also opportunities for you to experience one of Cunard Line’s famous Queens on a 4 or 5 night Northern Europe break.


The history of Bruges begins around 2000 years ago.  At that time there was a Gallic-Roman settlement on the site of the city.  The name Bruges comes from the Old Norse “Bryggja” which means landing stage.  The name Bruges has appeared on documents and coins since the middle of the ninth century.  The city was not plundered by the Norseman.

Andalusia Street, Seville, Spain



Iberia cruises can also take you to Amsterdam – the 17th century historical atmosphere combined with the mentality of a modern metropolis creates a friendly environment. 


The small scale of the building and the intimacy of the streets, canals and squares create an atmosphere that visitors find unique. 


Amsterdam has the highest museum density in the world and is home to such cultural highlights such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt’s world famous Nightwatch.

The best way to get around Amsterdam is on a bike.  Take a canal tour of Amsterdam and discover the historical district which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011.

River Douro, Porto, Portugal

is one of the few European Capitals with both a river and a coastline.  The cities main meeting area is Praca do Comercio square.  Do not miss the picturesque medieval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria above which stands the castle.  This castle matched by Bairro Alto on the other hill, leads down to the downtown city centre known as Baixa Pombalina.  Lisbon is situated on the right hand bank of the river Tagus and its history stretches back over 20 centuries.


Oport known locally as Porto.  Toast the ancient and modern over a glass of one of the world’s most respected wines.  Walk through the historic city centre and visit the Serraloes Museum and then discover the strong character of this city Faculty of Architecture and its people. 


Discover the towers of the Fortress Se looming high above as you look up to the skies.  The different architectural and styles of the Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Classical and industrial which sit side by side in this city.

The rocky azure coast, Algarve, Portugal


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