Made up of 9 countries, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweeden, Latvia and Russia. With so many different cultures, the Baltic makes a perfect destination…

Baltic »

Black Sea

If you are thinking of taking a Black Sea cruise you couldn’t have chosen and area with more unique characteristics. It’s an inland sea between Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine…

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British Isles

A British cruise can take you to see the unspoiled beauty of Scotland and the Shetland Isles, the Isle of Man, beaches of Norfolk, Islands of Jersey and Guernsey along with the coastlines of Cornwall and Wales…

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Canary Islands

“Land of the Eternal Spring” is what the Romans called the Canary Islands. They are a playground for those looking for some excitement and a paradise for sun worshipers…

Canary Islands »

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Med cruises offer a plethora of culturally rich cities mixed with tranquil beaches. This is not merely a cruise, but a journey back in time to sun baked shores graced with marble monuments…

Eastern Mediterranean »


Sail across the famous Bay of Biscay and sample the charms of the Iberian Coast in Northern Europe. For first timers it’s an opportunity to experience a cruise without venturing too far from home…

Iberia »

No FLy Cruises (from UK)

Many peoples dreams are to start their holiday by avoiding the hassle and strain of airport life. Taking a no fly cruise from a UK port means you start your holiday the moment you step on board, which gives you more time to enjoy your holiday…

No FLy Cruises (from UK) »


Enjoy a luxury river cruise on Europe’s most iconic rivers, including the romantic Rhine and legendary Danube. Exceptional levels of comfort come as standard…

Norway »

Western Mediterranean

Introducing Crystal River Cruises, an unrivalled new standard of all-inclusive luxury exploring the grand waterways of Europe…

Western Mediterranean »

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