Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand Cruises allow you to venture to the opposite side of the world, where you will experience an antipodean view on each day of your cruise. Imagine waking up being docked by the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House.

Consisting of breath-taking landscapes, sun-drenched beaches, extraordinary wildlife and colourful reefs Australia & New Zealand Cruises are bound to impress you all. Take a trip through a Tropical Forest, climb the mountains all with magnificent scenery.

For the ultimate underwater experience for the more adventurous amongst you why not dive The Great Barrier Reef.

The vibrant cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide all have excellent restaurants, museums, aquariums and shopping with something for everybody to enjoy on their perfect cruise holiday on the other side of the world.

Australia & New Zealand Cruises provide you with the opportunity to learn all about the Aboriginal culture in Australia and the Maori culture in New Zealand.

In New Zealand visit cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin Tauranga and Napier to name a few. Cruise through the awe inspiring Milford Sound.

Why not take an excursion to the Hot Springs and Mud pools in Rotorua a sight you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Your antipodean cruise is a chance for you to also add at the start or finish of your venture a tour of either Australia or New Zealand or why not add one in both countries.

These will enable you to take in the awe inspiring places you won’t see on your cruise. You could take the famous Ghan Train from Adelaide to Alice Springs and also visit Ayers Rock. There are so many possibilities to make this your special journey of a lifetime.

You have a choice of cruise that offers you both destinations of Australia & New Zealand or those that take in just Australia.

These range from 12 to 22 nights but there are longer possibilities for those of you with more time, to do the likes of a 50 night full circumnavigation of Australia cruise that finishes the journey in Singapore, or a 55 night journey starting in Los Angeles and cruises via the South Pacific to do a full Australian Circumnavigation that finishes in Sydney.

Other options are also available to tailor make this into your “Ideal Dream Holiday”.

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