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Enjoy a spectacular cruise to the Baltic


The Baltic is a spectacular cruise to do. Having done it twice myself, I still want to do this again as I love the Cities you visit along with all their history.

In Amsterdam you can visit places such as Anne Frank’s house, take a ride along the canals or go shopping in the vast array of shops in the heart of the City Centre. Copenhagen if you go looking for the little mermaid you need to make sure when you walk nearby you don’t blink, otherwise you will miss her she is smaller than you imagine.

From Warnemunde a pretty town, this is where if you want to do a full days excursion to Berlin with remnants still standing of the Berlin Wall, check point Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and all associated with the City that was once divided.

One of the tours takes you to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and whilst not as renowned as Auschwitz was where apart from Jewish People, Communists and Gays were also sent. This is a very moving tour to do as most of the original buildings are still there are the conditions they had to put up with is hard to take in. The memorial to all those killed there is where you can take it all in and pay tribute to all of these people.

Tallinn in Estonia the Old Town is within a walled area and the streets are narrow and cobbled in places so you need to be good on your feet if you want to walk, however you can just go to the main square and sit outside at one of the many cafes and have a drink and just admire the Town Hall building and people walking past.

St. Petersburg where you are for two whole days is the highlight of your Baltic cruise. I absolutely love it and the Palaces and all St. Petersburg has to offer and is one of the reasons I want to go back a 3rd time eventually. I haven’t done it all in the 2 cruises I have been on. You most certainly will not be disappointed with this city. Helsinki, Stockholm and Aarhus are the 3 other destinations on this particular cruise.

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